Our bags have been made from high quality full grain leather. The leather is vegetable tanned and produced with an honest approach to humanity, environment and animal welfare. No hazardous chemicals, artificial colorings or treatments are used throughout the developing process. Color nuances can occur and emphasize the true features of the full grain leather.

To maintain the original appearance of your bag, we recommend that you treat it with care. A good leather conditioner or conditioning oil or wax can deepen the color of your leather bag creating a beautiful patina layer. Because there are many conditioning products you can use, your bag can have a look created uniquely by you. We advise you to treat your bag once every 2 months with the leather product of your choice. Use a soft and dry cloth to rub the product carefully in the leather, so the fibers will soak it up. The fabrics of our bags are vegetable dyes, so please be careful: the indigo dye can run and stain when in contact with water or fabric.