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Edition of one /100% Cotton / Vintage Kantha Quilt / Metal Applications / Snap button and zip closure / Inside pocket / Adjustable handle 

The Hypnopompic yoga bag refers to an exceptional state of consciousness one can experience when waking up. In the moment of awakening, dreams infuse with reality, leading to creative insights. Vintage Quilts traditionally used for sleeping have been transformed into a contemporary aesthetic design. Made of handwoven cotton blankets and vegetable tanned  leather, each bag has its own individual feel. We invite you to dream and create through your Hypnopompic state!


Out of stock


CM:   68 height / 15 diameter
INCH: 26¾ height / 6 diameter
Max. strap length 101 cm / 39¾ inch

Our bags have been constructed by skilled craftsmen. The handmade details have been passed down through generations. The dyeing, weaving and stitching details can be appreciated as a form of art. Any variation in the embroidery, stitch or color is part of its beauty and charm. The vegetable tanned leather is produced with an honest approach to humanity, environment and animal welfare. No hazardous chemicals, artificial colorings or treatments are used throughout the developing process. Color nuances can occur and emphasize the true features of the full grain leather.

The pouch is made of Kantha Quilt. The tradition of Kantha Quilt started with the Bengali women, they recycled old saris and cloth, layered them with kantha stitch to make a sleeping blanket. The unique patterns are formed by hand stitching personal stories into the textiles, creating a poetic touch. All our Kantha quilts are vintage and one of a kind. Patterns and colors vary. Every bag is unique.