Hidden Land is an Amsterdam based bag label founded by Rose Schilling and Nicole Gerritsen. True aesthetes, they both lived and travelled around the world and connected over their love of conceptual fashion and art. Hidden Land brings together rare and near-forgotten materials and combines them with contemporary design creating a fresh modernity that is infused with rich heritage. Rapidly disappearing practices and techniques are sourced from remote lands and translated into new forms. Due to the uniqueness of these materials, every collection is limited. Most materials will never be made again.


Thinking in textures, our collections took us to the hidden treasures of Central Asia. From the northern desert to the green south, along villages, forgotten cultures and craftsmanship. Drawn to the eclectic sense of textiles, Hidden Land pays homage to the art of textile making, and offers a geometric and colourful vision on custom developed bags. Hidden Land believes in a transparent and ethical production process to complement our locally sourced textiles. We only work with production houses that adopt fair social practices for their employees. All textiles are purchased directly from the local communities, ensuring fair prices for the artisans. We are involved in every step of the production process, this enables us to ensure the quality and authenticity of the materials. The fabrics are naturally dyed using environmentally friendly methods. The full grain leathers are vegetable tanned and come from the best tanneries only. Each bag reflects our high standard of care and attention. Small imperfections are part of the beauty and originality of the product.



Hidden Land - cube 2